Lauren Spears

webpage_bio_picClass of 2012

Current City: Atlanta, GA

Lauren says:

As a South Carolina native, a 2012 graduate of Charleston School of Law, and a member of the South Carolina Bar, I take great pride in what our school means to the state of South Carolina. I chose CSOL due to its strong reputation and its dedication to providing South Carolina with only the highest caliber of attorneys. Upon graduation from CSOL, I began my legal career with an Atlanta-based firm. I continue to be impressed with the commitment of the firm to its Charleston office, as well as to the students of Charleston Law. In an effort to continue my service to the Charleston School of Law, I helped co-found the Atlanta chapter of the CSOL Alumni Association.     Appreciation for CSOL resounds within my family; my brother currently attends Charleston Law as a 2l, and my father serves on the school’s Board of Advisors.We wish to see the CSOL thrive to its fullest. I feel that the school has far surpassed the goals the founders’ envisioned upon its inception, and it is my goal to see the school remain committed to this endeavor.

As students, we commit hours to our education in order to better our futures. CSOL faculty and staff are among some of the best, ensuring that students are afforded every opportunity to succeed beyond graduation. As alumni, it is our duty to contribute by maintaining the integrity of our institution. I hope to serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and will dedicate my time and service to all of the current students and alumni of CSOL who feel as strongly as I do about continuing and maintaining our success.

I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to serving you as a member of the CSOL Alumni Association Board of Directors.


Originally from Spartanburg, SC, I split my time between Spartanburg and Charleston prior to relocating there in 2009. A graduate of Wofford College and Charleston School of Law, I am currently an associate attorney with the Atlanta-based firm of Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

Questions for Lauren? Contact her here:

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