Board Member: Jenny Stevens ’09

Jenny Stevens '09

Jenny Stevens ’09

Current City: Spartanburg, SC

Jenny was born and raised in Charleston, SC.  She is a graduate of the College of Charleston and Charleston School of Law.

Jenny was trained and certified as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem during her first year of law school.  Following her certification, she devoted her pro bono service work for over two years to representing multiple children involved in abuse and neglect cases in the Charleston County Family Court.  These cases, along with her own personal experience with divorce inspired her to practice family law in a way that focuses not only on the legal aspect of domestic relations, but also on the impact these events have on the individuals involved

Prior to moving to Spartanburg, she helped form the Charleston County Custody Fast-Track Committee, which she co-chaired.  Jenny is also a frequent speaker at local, state, and national continuing legal education seminars, and she co-moderates the annual Guardian ad Litem training, sponsored by the South Carolina Bar.

Jenny is a member of the Spartanburg and Charleston County Bar Associations, the South Carolina Bar, the American Bar Association, and the South Carolina Women Lawyer’s Association.  She is also a certified private Guardian ad Litem and finds her work representing children in private custody litigation to be some of the most rewarding work in the practice of law.

Jenny became a member of the Board of the Charleston School of Law Alumni Association in 2011.

When she is not working, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband and their six children in Spartanburg, and, as a lifelong bibliophile, she is always sneaking time to read any book that catches her fancy.

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