Board Secretary: Alissa Collins ’10

Alissa Collins '10

Alissa Collins ’10

Current City: Charleston, SC

Alissa grew up in Trumbull, CT.  She attended the College of Charleston for undergraduate school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Alissa’s involvement in the law school during her three years as a student illustrates her passion about the school and commitment to its success.  “I was very impressed with the faculty and administration’s willingness to sit down and talk with the students and also embrace new ideas.  It demonstrated the mutual respect that flowed between all of us at the law school.  It also went a long way in showing the students that the faculty and administration really wanted the students to succeed.”

Alissa served on the Faculty Recruitment, Community Service, and Career Services Advisory Committees.  She also implemented the Street Law Pro Bono Program and was a friendly face at the Barrister all three years.

Alissa currently works at Stuckey Law Offices, a firm she has worked with since 2005 in numerous capacities.  Alissa’s practices includes government defense in constitutional violation cases and family law.  She is also Secretary of the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston and is the Chair of the Charleston Cinderella Project.

Alissa became a member of the Board of the Charleston School of Law Alumni Association in 2011.  She currently serves as the Secretary.

Alissa is engaged to Chris Lietzow, a fellow College of Charleston and Charleston School of Law alumni.

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