Polls are open! Select your 2017-2020 directors.

The executive officers of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors invite Charleston School of Law alums to participate in electing 6 new directors for service on the Board from January 2017 through December 2020. Information about the slate of 9 candidates and a link to an online poll are available for your review under the “Vote” tab (above).

Voting will close at midnight on January 13th. Results will be posted on January 15th. The first meeting of the Board for the 2017 calendar year will take place via conference call on January 18th.

Questions? Comments? Email us or drop us a line here.

Welcome to the Association, December 2016 Grads!

The Board of Directors proudly welcomes CSOL’s most recent grads to the Alumni Association. We are here to serve you in your next chapter, whether it involves bar preparations, starting a new job, or anything in between! Please share your most current contact information with us here so you can receive Association news and stay in the loop about events in your area.

Missed the December 11th commencement ceremony? Check out this article from Moultrie News highlighting the event, including the commencement address delivered by South Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Aphrodite Konduros.

Flashback Friday: P&C Story on President Bell’s Vision for CSOL’s Future

As 2016 comes to a close, the Alumni Association’s Board is reflecting on the Year’s high points. Among them, the official beginning of a new chapter at the Charleston School of Law with President Ed Bell at the helm. Here’s an article that might have you cheerfully remembering the start of this calendar year too, brought to you by Deanna Pan of The Post & Courier on February 3, 2016.


Happy Holidays!

– Your Board of Directors

CSOL Alumni Board Statement on CSOL7 Firings

The Charleston School of Law Alumni Board joins the CSOL community in being shocked and dismayed by the unapologetic decision by George Kosko and Robert Carr, the school’s remaining directors, to fire seven of the school’s most respected tenured faculty members.

While it has been clear throughout this ordeal that faculty dissension and disagreement with the decision to sell the school to Infilaw was tacitly forbidden, the Alumni Board — like current students — did not expect the remaining Founders to so capriciously violate the tenets of tenure. Many of these professors have been with the school since the very beginning, having given up other careers in order to join a school that promised strong core values and a new way of teaching the law.

These faculty firings come on the heels of an announcement that the school will enroll a 2015-16 class. While many current and prospective students are likely heartened by the news there will be a new class, the recent firings of the CSOL7 call into question the wisdom of such a plan.

Throughout this Spring, Infilaw has publicly and repeatedly stated it has no intention of trying to obtain a permit to run CSOL. Certainly, a company that trains attorneys would not spread falsehoods nor misrepresent itself. Friday’s news that the school would enroll a 2015-16 class, therefore, suggests that Mr. Carr and Mr. Kosko have determined the current school structure is viable or that they have found another purchaser or successor entity.

So far, Mr. Carr and Mr. Kosko have refused to sell or give the school to any entity other than Infilaw, a company motivated by profit, not principle. At a meeting of the faculty earlier this month, Carr and Kosko warned faculty and students that unless they pledged fealty to Infilaw, the school would not enroll a new class in fall. Clearly, the faculty have refused to support the Infilaw sale. Thus, the Alumni Board is hopeful that Mr. Carr and Mr. Kosko have changed course and now have agreed to consider selling or donating the school to one of the nonprofit operations that has attempted to provide a safe landing pad.

Of course, the continuing uncertainty over CSOL’s future and Friday’s firing of seven respected and tenured faculty will only further depress enrollment of quality students. Make no mistake: Any complaints of declining enrollments made by the school’s controlling owners is entirely a decline of their own making. They created this unfortunate situation. And they continue to have the power to correct it.

The recent faculty firings are, apparently, based on claims of financial distress. These are claims that must be supported by facts and figures. These facts and figures must be subject to review by the watchdog organizations that license and accredit law schools. The Alumni Association will, in the coming days, be reaching out to the ABA and the CHE to ensure that all appropriate oversight of these actions is being made. We encourage all alumni to reach out to the recently terminated faculty members to share recollections and appreciations of their matchless contributions to our community.

Board of Directors Update – May 18

On Monday, May 11, the Board of the Alumni Association met. The first order of business was to fill two seats vacated by members of the Board. Nominations were taken, and Elizabeth Leverette and Daniel Cooper were subsequently elected to fill the vacant seats by electronic vote.

The second order of business was approval of new officers for the Colorado chapter of the Alumni Association. These officers were contingently approved, pending final review of their application.

Two committees, CHE/ABA and Alumni Relations, were restructured with additional members and duties. The CHE/ABA Committee will continue the board’s longstanding commitment to advocacy before both bodies. Specifically, the Committee will focus its review and advocacy on the regulatory and accreditation issues associated with the school’s current status, as well as teachout or closure contingencies.

The Alumni Relations committee will develop a short- and long-term plan to foster and strengthen relationships between alumni members, and provide guidance on how to request copies of transcripts. Any non-Board member who is interested in assisting with this committee is encouraged to contact member Dana Adkins.

There was discussion of various concerns raised by alumni regarding legal recourse against the Board of Charleston Law. The Board is investigating the rapidly changing situation at school and will update alumni in the coming weeks with information related to outreach to CHE, ABA, and DOE. These concerns will be discussed with counsel for the Alumni Board and a more substantive response will be provided at a later time. Similarly, Board members will discuss any limitations on the distribution of alumni contact information with counsel.

The Board voted to issue a check to the Student Bar Association in the amount of $500.00, as the alumni’s contribution to the graduation reception.

Developments Regarding Infilaw’s Involvement at CSOL

Since the announcement of CSOL Director Ed Westbrook’s resignation from the school’s governing board, the Alumni Association has been trying to gather credible information about how this new development will impact the operation of the school in the short and long term.

Today, Student Bar Association president Matt Kelly provided an announcement to the student body. That announcement, reproduced below, indicates that Infilaw is not prepared to submit a new license application to the SC Commission on Higher Education. The Alumni Association has made numerous requests for independent confirmation of this from representatives of Infilaw but has, so far, received none.

We will continue to seek further clarification of whether and how Infilaw remains involved in the management or ownership of the Charleston School of Law and will provide updates as they become available.

Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following alumni who will be either returning to or joining the Alumni Association Board of Directors:

Dana Adkins ’10
Scott Bischoff ’08
Megan Dell ’10
Trey Jameson ’09
Alissa Lietzow ’10
Dyllan Rankin ’10
Kayce Seifert ’13
Sarah Thornton ’10

Thanks to all who cast votes and to these eight alumni for their willingness to serve.

Updates from the Alumni Association

Voting is underway for open spots on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Make your vote heard at https://probonopopuli.com/vote!

The Accreditation Committee of the ABA Section of Legal Education will meet on October 30, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas, to evaluate Infilaw’s request to take over the Charleston School of Law. Alongside our friends among the faculty and student body, the Alumni Association registered our opposition to Infilaw’s request. Read our letter to the ABA here:

Annual Meeting 2014

The Charleston School of Law Alumni Association will hold its annual meeting on Sunday, October 19, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. at the Charleston County Public Library. There will be an update on the status of the ownership of the school, and a discussion of the Association’s plan to work with the non-profit group established by Mr. Westbrook to seek ownership of Charleston Law.

The Board for the Association will also be filling vacant seats. Nominations can be made by completing the form available here. You may nominate yourself or someone else may nominate you. Nominations will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 20. Candidates will have the opportunity to speak briefly at the annual meeting.

The information for each candidate will be posted on the Association’s website on October 24, 2014, and the election period will begin on October 24, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. and end on October 31, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. The vote will be electronic, and the Association will distribute the link on October 24, 2014.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Association.