John Dodds

fullsizerenderJohn J. Dodds IV
Class of 2016

Location: Charleston, SC / Orangeburg, SC

Nominated by Kayce M. Seifert, Class of 2013.

Statement from Kayce, on John’s behalf:
I am honored to nominate John Dodds for election to the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. I had the pleasure of coaching John and three of his classmates in their preparation for a national mock trial competition during the spring of 2015; collectively, the team’s efforts elevated CSOL to the status of semi-finalist at the close of the competition. Having come to know John as a person and as a professional in the time since, I can say without hesitation that he is one of the hardest working people I know.

John’s abilities to positively motivate others, work well under pressure, and skillfully complete time-sensitive tasks would make him an asset to the Association and its Board. He is diligent, conscientious, and dedicated in all that he sets out to do.  Additionally, as a relatively recent graduate, John would be able to offer the Board a level of insight and perspective that would allow the Association to better serve those who have more recently joined our ever-growing pool of alumni. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the Board with John.