Board of Directors Update – May 18

On Monday, May 11, the Board of the Alumni Association met. The first order of business was to fill two seats vacated by members of the Board. Nominations were taken, and Elizabeth Leverette and Daniel Cooper were subsequently elected to fill the vacant seats by electronic vote.

The second order of business was approval of new officers for the Colorado chapter of the Alumni Association. These officers were contingently approved, pending final review of their application.

Two committees, CHE/ABA and Alumni Relations, were restructured with additional members and duties. The CHE/ABA Committee will continue the board’s longstanding commitment to advocacy before both bodies. Specifically, the Committee will focus its review and advocacy on the regulatory and accreditation issues associated with the school’s current status, as well as teachout or closure contingencies.

The Alumni Relations committee will develop a short- and long-term plan to foster and strengthen relationships between alumni members, and provide guidance on how to request copies of transcripts. Any non-Board member who is interested in assisting with this committee is encouraged to contact member Dana Adkins.

There was discussion of various concerns raised by alumni regarding legal recourse against the Board of Charleston Law. The Board is investigating the rapidly changing situation at school and will update alumni in the coming weeks with information related to outreach to CHE, ABA, and DOE. These concerns will be discussed with counsel for the Alumni Board and a more substantive response will be provided at a later time. Similarly, Board members will discuss any limitations on the distribution of alumni contact information with counsel.

The Board voted to issue a check to the Student Bar Association in the amount of $500.00, as the alumni’s contribution to the graduation reception.


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