Developments Regarding Infilaw’s Involvement at CSOL

Since the announcement of CSOL Director Ed Westbrook’s resignation from the school’s governing board, the Alumni Association has been trying to gather credible information about how this new development will impact the operation of the school in the short and long term.

Today, Student Bar Association president Matt Kelly provided an announcement to the student body. That announcement, reproduced below, indicates that Infilaw is not prepared to submit a new license application to the SC Commission on Higher Education. The Alumni Association has made numerous requests for independent confirmation of this from representatives of Infilaw but has, so far, received none.

We will continue to seek further clarification of whether and how Infilaw remains involved in the management or ownership of the Charleston School of Law and will provide updates as they become available.


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  1. Keep up your good work. You all are doing great! Fingers crossed for a good outcome. Will Cook

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