Letter from Association President John Robinson

Dear Friends:

The CSOL Alumni Board, pursuant to your mandate, has since July 2013, worked through every legal and ethical means to protect the best interests of the law school.

On May 16 and 19, 2014, your Alumni board, students, concerned members of the community, and others spoke in unison to the Commission on Higher Education and requested that they deny Infilaw’s present application for a license to run CSOL. On May 19, 2014, the CHE’s subcommittee, CAAL, which in charge of making recommendations on licensure, VOTED 3-1 to deny Infilaw a license to operate in South Carolina.

On June 5, 2014, CHE will vote as a full commission on the recommendation of the CAAL subcommittee. CAAL subcommittee members vote as members of the full Commission. We are thankful to CHE to providing multiple public forums, solicitation of public comment, and other research, in order to reach their well-reasoned May 19 recommendation. We trust that the Full Commission will listen to its members’ recommendation on this licensure issue, and deny Infilaw a license in South Carolina.

CHE has the opportunity to assert itself as a guarantor of educational quality in South Carolina, and to properly exercise its role as a consumer protection agency. We note that CAAL’s May 19 vote appears to be based on fundamental concerns about Infilaw’s representations to CHE, its attrition rates, and the best interest of the State. All of these reasons for the recommendation for denying CHE’s license are supported by regulations promulgated by the SC Legislature and CHE’s governing documents. We thank the CHE for taking this matter so seriously and identifying legitimate and substantive grounds to deny Infilaw a license to operate the Charleston School of Law.

We urge every private citizen of the state to commend CHE for its bold leadership in this matter. In taking the May 19 vote, CHE members showed themselves to be at the forefront of serious issues confronting higher education, and that they have used their constitutional discretion to protect consumers in South Carolina.

We urge the Alumni, students, and faculty of the Charleston School of Law and all interested members of the South Carolina Bar to come out for the June 5, 2014 hearing, even if they are unable to be admitted to the limited space available at CHE headquarters on Lady Street. The Alumni Association and SBA will coordinate to keep you informed of the best ways to make your presence known for the vote on that date.

I wish you all a happy and meaningful Memorial Day holiday.

Best Regards,

John E. Robinson


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