SC House members back CHE’s authority to deny Infilaw’s license application

Today, 16 members of the SC House of Representatives signed a letter hitting back against the absurd suggestion by Infilaw’s lawyer that CHE lacks the discretionary authority to deny the company a license to take over the Charleston school of law.

The CSOL community is grateful for the support of these legislators who understand that Infilaw’s hostile takeover of our law school is not in the best interest of students and not in the best interest of South Carolina.



  1. Was at an event for Graham tonight and Limehouse was here. Love the bandwagon fans…direct quote: “I’ve always been on y’all’s side on this.” After I thanked him for being on the letter. I remember calling him last July and his response being considerably more tepid…but hey, I’ll take it. Thanks for all you do.

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  2. Very happy to have the support of so many wonderful legislators. I do wish someone had taken a little more time to edit this letter though — every ounce of credibility makes a difference.

    Thank you to those that signed!

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