Tenured and non-tenured faculty issue statements opposing Infilaw deal

A supermajority of tenured and non-tenured faculty at CSOL, in coordinated letters, have issued strong statements opposing the Infilaw deal. Since the Infilaw deal was announced, the faculty have felt it necessary to remain in the background as the debate surrounding Infilaw’s involvement in the school has raged; their silence was based on fears of reprisal from Infilaw, fears that arise out of Infilaw’s known practices at its three schools.

The alumni are proud to stand with the faculty who taught us so well as we ask the CHE to look after the best interests of the school we all love and the citizens and students of our state.



  1. Please thank the signatories for taking this principled position. Infilaw is a bad choice for CSOL, Charleston, and the SC Bar.

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