Make your voice heard!

All alumni and supporters of the Charleston School of Law are encouraged to contribute letters for consideration by the CHE as it evaluates Infilaw’s request for a license to operate the school.

All letters received via our website will be forwarded to the CHE staff and some may be shared, with permission on our website and to media outlets. Even if you will be mailing your letter individually to CHE, please submit a copy to the Alumni Association so that we can collect statistics about the numbers of letters generated.

Please remember to focus your comments on one or more of the following four areas: Academics & Curriculum / Facilities / Finances Reputation & Character.

Please note: CHE is limiting the length of individual submissions to 2 pages. Read more about the CHE’s guidelines here.

And if you want to cite to statistics, please feel free to rely on the information collected in the Alumni Association’s side-by-side comparison of CSOL with the Infilaw schools.


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