CHE delays any final action on Infilaw license

At a meeting of the Commission on Higher Education on December 5, 2014, Executive Director Richard Sutton gave a brief update on the status of the Charleston School of Law. While CSOL was not on the agenda, Sutton’s comments were newsworthy, as he informed the Commission that there would be no final decision on Infilaw’s license application before May 2014 and that CHE will invite formal public comment on the matter prior to any decision:

A quick update on the Charleston School of Law.

  • Later this month I will get a preliminary internal staff report on InfiLaw’s application for a new license.

  • Our review process will include a call for public input and a public hearing.

  • We will select an external review team to then consider the relevant information.

  • CAAL will then review the reports and staff recommendations, with full Commission action occurring by May at the earliest, possibly later.

  • Staff communications with the American Bar Association a few weeks ago revealed that InfiLaw had not yet filed its application for acquiescence of the proposed sale, so CHE is under no immediate time constraints on that end to make its determination. 

Director Sutton’s full prepared remarks are available on the CHE website here.