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On Friday, October 4, CSOL third-year student and Charleston Law Review Editor-in-Chief Leigh Ellen Gray, posted a petition online asking George Kosko and Robert Carr to regroup and sit down with student leaders, alumni, and community leaders to discuss alternatives to Infilaw:

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11.00.23 AM

By the end of the first day, the petition had garnered more than 500 signatures and dozens of supporters had written in sharing their reasons for opposing an Infilaw takeover of the school:

Former Dean Richard Gershon:
When we adopted the motto Pro Bono Populi, we did not intend for the school’s work to be for the good of two people. There will be only two people benefited by the Infilaw deal.

One CSOL student’s dad:
I am the proud parent of a CSOL student and he went to Charleston Law because of its stated commitment of educating future lawyers who would serve the public good. I share his concern that the interests of Infilaw are not congruent with the mission statement of CSOL, which is best summed up in the school motto, Pro Bono Populi. It is my hope that all concerned parities be willing to have a generous and open conversation that will lead to a resolution that is in keeping with the stated mission of Charleston Law.

A current student:
“Great lawyers for the greater good”…that means so much to me, and is a big part of the reason why I am here. With that in mind, please, remember the vision you had for this school and take seriously the invitation to consider alternatives to Infilaw. One-third of my class members have transferred to other law schools, in fear that the culture at this school will never be the same. Don’t let those fears come to fruition. Infilaw is NOT the answer for us. Please, come to the table!

A local attorney who graduated from USC:
This sale is not in the best interest of the SC legal community as a whole, much less the alumni and students. It will damage the CSOL public service mission and standing in the community. Surely the financial aspects can be managed to give the two founders a reasonable profit since the 3rd remaining owner has generously offered to donate his profit for CSOL’s “greater good”.

The CSOL Alumni Association Board supports this petition and asks all alumni to sign it and to share the petition with friends in the legal community and beyond. The petition will be delivered in printed form to Kosko and Carr soon. Let’s all be heard loudly and clearly!


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