A message from board president John Robinson

[note: The Annual Meeting of the Charleston School of Law Alumni Association is today, Sunday, October 6, 2013, at the Charleston Public Library’s Downtown branch at 3PM. We look forward to seeing you there; if you cannot attend, we will make the meeting available live from our ustream channel.]

On behalf of the Alumni Board, I want to thank you for your continued interest and concern about the future of CSOL. In the past months, your Board has faithfully carried out your mandate to use all possible means and avenues to protect CSOL and do whatever we can to insure a positive future for the school. Your Board members have worked in concert and individually, with community leaders, members of the Bar, appointed and elected state officials, and others to become fully informed of what we can to do affect the school’s future and then to act based on good counsel.

As all of you are probably now aware, with the help of other concerned parties, the Alumni Board will continue to oppose a sale to Infilaw. The Board will continue to seek alternate buyers. The CHE, legislators, and academicians have all acknowledged our concerns and wish to facilitate ownership of the school that promotes and protects the school and legal profession. Through them, we will work to find alternative buyers or succession plans that do not require control by unaccountable entities. Please look for continued updates through our website on these matters. It is our understanding that CHE will take no action on the CSOL-Infilaw proposed transfer until January, 2014; nonetheless, we will continue to inform all decisionmakers and stakeholders on our position as alumni, and our concerns related to InfiLaw.

Prior to this July, your Alumni Board was primarily occupied with the more enjoyable tasks of planning mixers and fundraisers, and coordinating activities between students and alumni. Since the ownership crisis has arisen, we have been primarily focused on working to protect the school. As a part of that process, your Alumni Board has been strengthened by composing its own independent database on fellow alums. We still need your assistance; if you know of other alums who have not provided their contact information to us, please get them to do so by sending a message to probonopopuli@gmail.com.

While the Alumni Board’s Constitution exhorts us to maintain good rapport with CSOL, our primary function  is to look out for your best interests. By extension, we feel an obligation to assist students at CSOL in this difficult time; look for updates in the near future regarding student/alumni meetings and socials that will foster our bond. These students need our support, now more than ever.

It has been a great honor to serve you in these difficult times. I am constantly reminded of why I, and all of you, came to CSOL: to make a difference in the world through the legal profession. CSOL built a unique culture to foster this ideal. Let’s do all we can to protect what we have created together.


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