Kosko and Carr fail to acknowledge Westbrook’s proposal

In a letter delivered today to members of the Charleston School of Law community, the controlling directors of the Charleston School of Law have announced their intention to proceed with the sale of the school to Infilaw.

In so doing, the controlling directors gave only glancing attention to the serious proposals made by fellow-founder Ed Westbrook in his letter to them dated September 23. Saying that no one had come forward to declare a “well thought out and financially responsible plan” to purchase the school, Carr and Kosko indicated they had already begun the process to seek CHE and ABA approval of the deal.

The Alumni Association is disappointed but not surprised by this latest letter. The association will continue to press the CHE and the ABA to properly scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the Infilaw deal and the threats to the students and community of an Infilaw takeover. We are confident that with proper review the Infilaw purchase will be determined to be not in the best interests of consumers, students, and the profession; and as a result alternate, reasonable, sound proposals for the law school’s future can move forward. A sale of the school CANNOT BE COMPLETED without regulatory approval.

The Alumni Association has created a helpful resource to compare the Charleston School of Law with other schools owned by Infilaw. The statistics of the schools, when compared side-by-side, make clear why the CSOL community remains opposed to this deal.


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