CSOL leadership declines offer to speak to Charleston legislative delegation

Citing concerns over the subject matter of the meeting, and its implications for the school’s license through the CHE, the two controlling directors of the Charleston School of Law have declined an invitation to speak to the Charleston County legislative delegation:

[I]n the context of this delegation meeting, which seems to be focused on the possibility of the Charleston School of Law aligning with a state institution such as the College of Charleston….we must decline your invitation to testify in person as we do not want in any way to risk our condition of licensure.

Instead, they will send Assistant Dean Mark Moore to “hear first-hand” to the contributions of other concerned members of the community.

Both Charleston School of Law and Infilaw were offered the opportunity to address community concerns in the forum, and both have declined, sending, instead, brief statements in keeping with other previously made statements.

CSOL Statement Infilaw Statement

Infilaw Statement

Notably, the CSOL statement suggests that four of the five original owners of the school were aware of and “elected for a process that led to a relationship with Infilaw Management Solutions.”

While voicing an interest in “being a part of the community discussion,” the controlling directors of the Charleston School of Law are declining to answer questions or be heard in an open forum. So much for discussion.


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