CSOL Alumni well-represented on P&C editorial page

In the August 17 Post and Courier, the alumni’s concerns about the ongoing ownership issues at the Charleston School of Law are addressed in both an editorial by the P&C and a commentary by Alumni Association board president John Robinson.

The P&C’s editorial, headlined Law school decision too hasty, implores the current owners of the law school to look to the legal community—especially those lawyers who make up its alumni base—for other options to the Infilaw deal. The editorial starts this way:

Charleston School of Law owners are sending an unfortunate message to their alumni: We expect you to play an important role in shaping your community, but we don’t need your input about the future of your school.

Since last month’s announcement that CSOL was entering into a management services agreement with InfiLaw System, students and alumni have been largely ignored. They have run into a brick wall as they ask for information, and have been snubbed by the owners.

It’s no way to treat respected members of the Bar — especially those educated at and loyal to CSOL. Alumni can’t even find out if the intent is for InfiLaw to buy the school or just manage it.

Read the full editorial here or in Saturday’s print edition.

And John Robinson brings the concerns of the alumni, as well as those of the students and the community, into even sharper focus on the Commentary page:

We are watching, and we will fight any changes that would diminish the quality of education or the value of our degrees. During a meeting with the Alumni Board this week, as during a recent meeting with students, Judge Kosko and Judge Carr suggested an agreement with InfiLaw is their only option in a rapidly changing market for legal education. We disagree with that premise. They also have suggested that no agreement to sell the school is on the table — for now — and we take them at their word. The Alumni Board invites the legal community, state legislators, the public, and the city of Charleston to join with us as we push to ensure CSOL explores all options for future management, ownership, and protection of what makes our school unique.

Further, the school is subject to state and American Bar Association oversight, and we will encourage those authorities to dig deep into whether any proposed changes will be good for current students, for legal education, and the profession of law in South Carolina.

Read John’s full Op-Ed here


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