Board statement on 8/13 meeting with CSOL owners

The Alumni Association Board met on Tuesday, August 13, with Judges Carr and Kosko without representatives from Infilaw present. We had a few goals for the meeting: to listen to what the current owners of the school had to say, remaining open to persuasion that CSOL’s affiliation with Infilaw is not as troubling as it seemed at first blush; to press for more information about the structure of the Infilaw “agreement”; and to respectfully express the concerns of the alumni, students, and long-time supporters of the Charleston School of Law. We had asked previously for an open meeting with all alumni, but that meeting has still not been granted.

While we were relieved on Tuesday to be assured by Judges Carr and Kosko that no sale is imminent, many of our concerns about Infilaw’s practices, its picked-and-chosen statistics, and its reputation remain unsatisfied. We expressed at the meeting—and remain committed to now—a desire to work cooperatively with the owners and administrators of the law school to investigate and pursue alternatives to a long-term involvement of Infilaw with the Charleston School of Law. We left the meeting with still many unanswered questions. And while we will continue to keep open minds about the way forward for the Charleston School of Law, we will also continue to look for answers to these questions, to seek creative solutions to the challenges we and the school face, and to ask new questions as they arise.

We have all worked too hard, cared too much, and sacrificed too greatly to do anything less.


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