U.S. News Lists Infilaw school as WORST for return on investment

Each year, U.S. News and World reports sifts through the self-reported data provided by each of the 200 ABA-approved law schools in America and ranks the schools along a variety of measurements.

What lots of people considering law school want to know, as tuition continues to skyrocket and the job market continues to contract, is whether law school is a good investment.

As the Top 10 schools for return on investment show, it certainly can be: By comparing the total debt students graduate owing with the average starting salary upon graduation, U.S. News calculates a score—the number one school on the list was the University of Texas at Austin, whose graduates leave school with an average of $86,312 in debt and average private sector starting salaries of $155,000. UT’s score was an impressive 1.76.

At the rock bottom of the list? Florida Coastal School of Law—the oldest and most established of the Infilaw schools—with an average graduate debt of $143,111 and average private-sector starting salaries of $45,000. Florida Coastal’s score? An abysmal .31.

Numbers like these are cause for concern as alumni consider Infilaw’s new relationship with the Charleston School of Law.


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