Phoenix Law Professors Suing Infilaw

Two professors at the Phoenix School of Law–one of the three schools that are part of the Infilaw “consortium”–filed suit recently in federal district court in Arizona alleging wrongful termination. (District of Arizona Docket No.: 2:13-cv-01107-SRB)

What makes this lawsuit interesting to those watching the developments at the Charleston School of Law (which has entered into a “management agreement” with Infilaw) are the specific allegations of the plaintiffs. Professors Michael O’Connor and Celia Rumann claim they were dismissed from the faculty of the Phoenix School of Law because they argued against Infilaw-driven policy changes that O’Connor and Rumann felt were adverse to the interests of students.

Infilaw filed a motion to dismiss the professor’s claims, and the professors have answered that motion. A hearing on the motions to dismiss is docketed for September.

The Alumni Board will continue to monitor this case as it develops.


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